Congratulations to Tom Bertrand and Tim Perry the winners of the Northeast Billiards Series.

Pictured: L-R: Tommy Bertrand and Tim Perry who split the 1st Place Title!
Final standings (12th place made the cash!): 
1st (split):  Tom Bertrand      $390 plus $225 side pool
                 Tim Perry           $370   (Tim wasn't in the side pool)
3rd:           Rick Sleeper       $181 plus $150 side pool
4th:           Ryan Lineham     $150 plus $95 side pool
5/6th:        Kerry McAuliffe   $100 plus split $50 side pool
                Billy "The Kid" Lanna 
7/8th:        Steve Kang         $80
                Francisco Cabral
9-12th:     Jared Demalia      $60
               Mike Petit
               Bill Notorantonio
               Dev Bhattacharya