Congratulations to 1st Place Ride the 9 Tournament Winner, Mike Pettit on Nov. 6,2016

Mike plays out of Snookers and we are so happy for his win!
1st & 2nd (split): Mike Pettit and Dave Gavrish split a total of $825.00 ($500.00 and $325.00)
3rd: Lukas Fracasso-Verner: $175.00
4th: Tom Bertrand: $125.00
5th/6th: Tim Perry (Buzzsaw) and Dennis Levesque: $75.00 each
7th/8th: Nick Bousquet and Jared DeMalia: $50.00 each
9-12th: Ryan Lineham, Rob Piersa, Dev Bhattacharya, Bob Myers
Auction totaled: $1,700.00
1st: $700.00
2nd: $400.00
3rd: $300.00
4th: $200.00
5th/6th: $100.00 (total)